Friday, 10 July 2009


OK, the big day is here.
I retire today from a 43 year career.
I'm guessing that there is a big chance that I could have a drink or two with a few people and I may not get home til tomorrow.

I'll probably need a protector later tonight---where is Jimmy when you need him.

Tomorrow will start a new career.
Up about two hours later than normal and off to the beach with the pooch for an hour or so.
Then it will be back home and have a talk to the pooch about what we should do for the rest of the day.
If she doesn't say much, I'll just have to please myself.

Had a call first thing this morning from Miss "I hope she comes here soon"----she had bought me a retirement gift----a $1500.00 show bred puppy.
I am always grateful when people think of me but I had to tell her that, by myself, I don't want another dog but if it was a package deal with her and the new puppy, then come on down.
I doubt that I will see her any time soon.

Anyhow, the title
Well, I have managed a post here and there from my work computer but that ceases today----and I have managed a post from my virus riddled computer at home---well that has ceased----??????
Well I got burgled last Friday
Yep, they took the computer
How sad, I was going to buy a new one in the next couple of weeks but now the insurance company is kindly going to give me a new one.
I'm not sure when but til then, I am OUT OF TOUCH

Stay well
I will catch you soon with stories of my new life


mapstew said...

Bastarding thieves!
Then again, silver lining and all that.

Have a happy retirement party (There's always Stew if the Jimmy is busy!)

And have a happy retirement. Now you can do all those things.....!

Fanny F said...

Congratulations, Clyde. Not sure when you will read this. Now you are retired, why not come to Sydney to visit??? xx

EmmaK said...

Wow how exciting that you are started a new life. You lucky devil. I suppose you are just going to be a man of leisure? or what?

Jimmy Bastard said...

Remember your Scottish roots Clyde.. drink them all under the table, and still go back for more.

Have a good neet my friend.

Anonymous said... is often said that people work much harder once they retire than they did when they were fully employed... ;-)

Congratulations on a mile stone. You may be lost for just a bit, but will be better than ever in no time.

Kisses on your cheeks!

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

come back please clyde!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I swear...i was going to send you a puppy worth more than a Gazillion American dollars. The doggy was priceless...cause that is what a life is worth. yes? And I was going to come with it...too.

Now I feel like such a copy

So, to top her present, can I just show you my tits instead? woo!

heheheh...come back to us soon clyde. I miss you. xxx


LOL Only you would get robbed and a free p.c. Looking forward to your return.

Happy retirement.

Clyde said...


Always a silver lining
Now I've got my new toys and plenty of time


Was in Sydney last week but only for a couple of hours on a stopover from the Sunshine Coast---I would have called but I dont know your number

Clyde said...


Not sure about the leisure bit
Been up at the usual time and off to the beach with the pooch.
Have to work out what retirement is all about


I read your comment before the retirement party.
Was supposed to be out of the building by 7pm but 1am ticked by before we found another place for a wee dram


Got my new toys so I'm back.
Have been on the go since retiring.
Hmm, maybe I need a job

Clyde said...


How could I leave
You would just hunt me down

Miss Jones

I already have one big pooch so you can just come alone---
But I am never one to knock back a lady who wants to show me her chest puppies---
Ok, Im waiting
So come on
Hello Toni


Not a good feeling to come home to a burgled house but yep, a silver lining
Took the insurance company a while to front up but got it all now.
So, you didn't make me any offers
Some of them just dont want to play

southernspeak4-T said...


I would advise doing anything that could be remotely construed as supporting that post of Ubermouth's/Carly's without having viewed all of the information, mostly done below blog and by phone.

Should you persist and she DOES continue with a lawsuit?

I'm sorry, but you will find yourself counter-sued on the charges of cyberbullying...not to mention publically embarrassed by what information you DIDN'T have going in.

Clyde said...


After having spent a life time in the law, I have no hesitation in expressing an opinion if I feel that I should.
There is such a thing as freedom of speach and you are free to comment on my forum at any stage you may feel the need


I wouldn't encourage her if I was you Clyde. She's now harassing my blogroll and thknks she has some right to publish my name all over sphere.

Clyde said...

But Uber, it's such a nice name.
If she or anyone else thinks that they can intimidate me under the laws of this land, I would advise them to rethink before it becomes very costly for them