Monday, 30 March 2009


We are very good at stereotyping people
Putting them in little clearly defined little boxes

"So mate, what do you do for a living ?"

"Oh, I'm a dress designer"

Oooh, straight away we have this guy eating from the other side of the buffet.

"And what about you buddy. What do you do for a crust ?"

"Well, I'm a Ladies Hairdresser"

Yep, straight away we have him playing for the other team and cross dressing on weekends

What we really have to do is look inside their lives, their dreams and we might just find another picture.

"So son, you want to be a dancer ?"

Yep, me too


Ms Scarlet said...

You could have a point...

Clyde said...

Yep, there is no doubt about it ---I do have a point----oh, you mean a pont of view---ah ha--yep, that too

Fanny said...

Seriously, there is no easier way for guys to meet girls. I don't know why more guys haven't cottoned on.

Clyde said...


I think we may have cottoned on, but a lack of talent and rhythm prevents some of us from fronting up---well, fronting sober at least

Barlinnie said...

It's no easy dancing when you have two pints in each hand, and two left feet slipping on the floor spittle.

Aye.. I'm drunk again.

Clyde said...

Och Jimmy---I cannae believe a level of intoxication could stop your performance

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde sweetie, I danced and my partner was not gay. I could tell, we had this routine where I ran towartds him and jumped and he would lift me onto his left shoulder.

The first few times I was off balance and had my legs wrapped around his head...and I'm possitive he liked it. I knew then...a gal I went out with him a few times. Yeah, positive he was so into girls...literally, this girl at least.

Dancing is so not for pussies and in some cases it was for guys that were after pussy.

Ciao sweetie...I'm just being honest here. :D

PS...Clyde sweetie...want to dance?

mapstew said...

I worked in a hairdresser's salon for one day as a challenge. It nearly killed me, I slept for a whole day afterwards! (I had been on the lash the night before tho')
Still' 'twas tough.

phishez said...

Lack of talent and rhythm is no excuse! Its an ability to go out and have fun that makes you appealing.

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones

I'm am sure that you could teach me a position or two


You are one multi talented dude
The "I'll give anything a go" man


Ok, you win
Put on your clean knickers and we'll head for the music

Fanny said...

Ha ha ... we have converted you, Clyde!

Clyde said...

I might need a little dutch courage but I'll stumble around cos I hear that you might get to fumble around

compulsively yours...for now said...



But you have to wonder why all those girls joined.

Jules said...

Hi Clyde

Came via Spiky, saw your post link on the side and saw the bit about stereotyping.

I am sick of being stuck in a box and seeing others do it.

Good on you for voicing it.

Clyde said...

Hello Emily
So, do you wanna dance or what


Their Mothers made them to get them out of the house---so watch out, your Mother might find out


Hey, any friend of Miss Jones is welcome here
We are all individuals and dont need to be labeled

Anonymous said...

Sweet Clyde...

The only label I want associated with me is:

"Hand wash only...tumble dry."

Have a Cheeky Day!

compulsively yours...for now said...

YES!! lets do it! dance i mean, not "it" or um....taking pills now.

Clyde said...


I do love a good tumble


Ok, um, well---alright

MommyHeadache said...

tres amusant - but not terribly realistic since ballet dancers tend to be a bag of bones with friend eggs for tits.


OH, I see you've left the seaside. :) But 'Clyde' needs to be bigger, louder more arrogant and in caps.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: HEY HONEY...where arae ayou baby.

Dang! I brought those nude pics of me and those two sex movies of me that was on the net a couple years ago, for you...but you're not home.

Nice house.

Oh well...I'll have to take them to fingers. I'm like netflix but I deliver. hehehe.

ciao sweetie...came by to wish you a Happy Easter. :D

compulsively yours...for now said...

Spikey has the same thought as me...where are you? are you good?

thinking about ya....

Clyde said...


I quite like fried eggs----and have no doubt that the bones will get meat on them


Arrogance is not what I'm looking for

Clyde said...

Ah, the lovely Miss Jones

I'm glad that you gave those photos away---all I want to do is see that beautiful face and the rest is a dream
And I like to dream about you
Happy Easter Sweets


So you had the naked photos for me---Oh, you are so good to me
I'm back
Just been away for a while
So you can send the photos now

Anonymous said...

Apart from the great beer advert - ISENBECK my local brew in Deutschland - most male dancers are left hookers. My cousin is a left hooker and can categorically state that most of the blokes in theatre bat for the other side.