Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I've known her forever
She was with me when I walked the beach in anger when my brother died.
She saw me cry, she heard me yell, she saw me stumble through the dark.
She said nothing yet there was that feeling of comfort

She made the day so warm and bright when I spread his ashes.

She was there when my dog plunged into the surf and played with dolphins.
She watched as they followed us for miles---she has seen us do that walk many times.
She knows that I love the solitude of the beach and she doesn't interfere

She was there in the angry winds of winter, when my dog and I spread my father ashes on the beach. I could feel her love, I could feel her power.

She has seen my tears, she has heard my anger, she has taken away my frustrations.

I felt the warmth of her breath before I opened my eyes
I could sense her presence---I could hear her breathing
I could see her beauty shining through before I wiped the sleep from my eyes
I could feel her
And there she was----- on my pillow
I am in awe of her
And I know she will be there tomorrow and all of the tomorrows
She will be with me til I am no longer


Anonymous said...

That's lovely Clyde...I hope I have someone who feels like that for me one day and that I feel that for them.

Clyde said...

Hey Bunny
You already do
You just have to recognise that comfort, that love

compulsively yours...for now said...

Clyde you brought tears to my eyes, that is beautiful. Thank you

Kathryn said...

That's quite beautiful. :)

MommyHeadache said...

That is so beautiful and moving...and I hope that the woman that it is about will realize how much you love her and want to be with you soon.

Fanny said...

There is no better described it so well. You have so much to look forward to.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh my wonderful clyde. Now that is a post!

I love the poetry you express so wonderfully here...It comes from your heart and thaat makes it beautiful.

I had a very close friend. Her name is Joan. I haven't seen her in 15 years. we parted aat a fork in the road. She went that way and I went another. But she is here with me. In my heart she has a place forever.

When I started to read this...I quickly thought if her and all those that own a piece of my heart.

Ciao clyde...Oh you must do more of this poetry. You do it so well.

Clyde said...


Why would you cry
That's called life


But it is beautiful
You, of all people should know


I guess I should have identified her.
You all know her but at times you dont see her face
And when you do, you dont appreciate her beauty and her charm.


We all have plenty to look forward to. Just look around and look back some time

Ah, Miss Jones

She is everywhere
She gives us joy---she gives us great memories---she gives us comfort.
Yet we give her very little credit.

Clyde said...


I guess I should have named her--but she has so many names--so many faces
I'll go with Mother Nature

compulsively yours...for now said...

I thought along the same lines (mother nature....
I was feeling so sorry for myself today, thank you for reminding me I am never truly alone.

Clyde said...

Living alone or being the Adult can be very daunting at times.
There will always be those moments when you want someone to answer your question or you want to tell them how good or bad it is.
My dog listens but I seem to find more comfort walking the beach and the wind takes your verbal thoughts away from you
She is a big beautiful girl that Mother

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your brother Clyde.

Clyde said...

An amazing guy
He lived for 18 months knowing that he would die
But went out and lived each day like it was his last
In the last weeks, we talked for hours til he couldn't handle the pain and I would dose him up and go to work
He only saw the hospital for 4 days


Wow! I knew you were sentimental but I didn't realize so romantic, Clyde.

Clyde said...


Shush---dont tell anyone
But if you can see beauty in the world, it is a much better place


Hmmmm... I noticed MY name was not in that list[nevermind should have been first]not to be petty or anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mate.

Clyde said...



Clyde said...


Thanks. I want to see her at work in your home town in the next couple of years.
She does a great job on your countryside

compulsively yours...for now said...

Maybe she could come over here and spruce this ugly desert.


Clyde said...

Deserts are wonderous by night but I do wonder why people choose to live there
Ok, I have to agree that I prefer my beach and my ocean

compulsively yours...for now said...

Yeah, it is fricken ugly here but the weather is alot milder than the mountains from whence I came.