Monday, 19 January 2009


There will be so many times in your life that you will see something, just take it that you have seen it and never see beyond it.

Who were they ?
Or is it they ?---well it must be---one person couldn't stand like that
So they were toe to toe----what were they doing ?
They were each standing on one leg because there is no other print
Did they only have one leg each ?
Were they kissing ?
Were they in love ?

Every picture tells a story

I just saw my girl coming out of the sea

But there it is
A golden path across the water
Mother nature in all of her glory showing me something I was too busy to see.

Another blogger said that Mother nature could come and beautify the desert that she lives near.
But a desert isn't ugly to someone who lives by the sea
It may appear that way if you see it every day or you wished that you lived elsewhere.
But I have spent time in a desert----I have never seen a bigger more imposing night sky-----I have never seen lightening filling the whole sky before----I have never before walked across sand that filled my footprints as I passed

She is a strange Dame this nature
Beauty everywhere but we just don't see it

Step back and take a look


Compulsively Yours...for now said...

But Clyde nothing grows here. We have astro turf instead of grass. It is just odd.

The sky is amazing at night though. The moon looks huge in the sky. It is a sight to see, I must admit.

bunny said...

Nature is a beautiful thing.

It's a shame that more people don't take the time to see it or appreciate it.

Clyde said...

Nothing wrong with astro turf---saves on water.
But things do grow---but not everything that you want.
Desert gardens can be quite spectacular.
Oh, yes, desert skys----I'll have another look next week

Compulsively Yours...for now said...

are you coming to the desert clyde? what desert might you be visiting?

Clyde said...


I guess we just take so much for granted.
We take photos and see things in them that we have never seen before.
I find your two feet of snow beautiful but you going to work every day find it ugly.


Unfortunately not your desert.
Heading to the north of my State next week for a few days---very dry country---arid, but has these wonderful colours.
Oh, I'll tell you if I ever head for your desert

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh I love nature...and it's true. God get's pissed off when he has the colors blooming and you don't take notice...

The sea fills me with wonder as the sky does...How very small i may seem to it.

All of the wonders of nature and you want to find out how a person could stands with their feet like that...hehehe.


Clyde...please let me kow when you find out m'kay. I have to know. hehehe.

ciao sweetie.

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones
There are so many things out there that we miss each day.
If we just chill out we might appreciate a lot more.
Those foot prints amazed me---but no bare feet prints leadind to them or away

phishez said...

Maybe it was just two people passing, a few minutes apart, who happened to stand to close to the other's footprint?


Because it's so dark at night where I live, the stars are incredible! I have laid on my back for hours, just watching in wonder....and smoking , of course.

Clyde said...


Good thought
But why no prints leading to that point or away ?


It is a big sky when it is really dark.
And you can hear those noises that you normally dont notice.

And here you are poluting the---oh, shit, I smoke too

Anonymous said...

That picture is cool! What if it is proof that one leged aliens walk among us and are getting ready to take over the world. They could be signs, like crop circles.

Clyde said...


And I keep looking for more as I walk the pooch--
You just dont see many fully formed bare foot prints in the sand.
Funny, you never find the unusual when you are looking for it

Captain Smack said...

Personally, I would be happy completely leaving civilization behind and getting stranded on an island, like in that show Lost (but without the supernatural things murdering everyone). I suppose I could just write my posts in the sand or something.

Clyde said...


I think everyone feels like that at times.
But then you realise what you are leaving behind.
I'll keep an eye out for writings in the sand

Kathryn said...

I would be tempted to call you a hippy if I didn't happen to agree with you. ;) Am heading back towards Oz in March, so I'll get to appreciate the gorgeous beaches again.

Clyde said...

I enjoy my paid for comforts too much to be a hippy.
But for free, I can see the beauty in the world----unfortunately, I can see a lot of ugliness and that is all man made
I'll bet that you are heading for the east coast of Australia---enjoy your trip