Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Throughout history, members of the human race have waged wars on other members.

It has always been about control
Who can control more than someone else

And throughout history, man has developed weapons in an attempt to get the upper hand on the foe.
We have gone from rocks to spears to guns to bombs to nerve agents to chemicals.
We have gone from face to face on the great battlefields to traps places in jungles to missiles sent from afar.

Everything that has been invented has been designed to bring our enemies to their knees.

But think about it
It has been there all along
The most powerful weapon in the world and throughout history, it has brought the strongest most courageous warriors to their knees.
But like all weapons of mass destruction, it can be unpredictable, volatile and uncontrollable.
It's a chameleon-----forever changing

All we have to do is learn to harness it
If we can do that, it could lead to world peace.

AND it is----OK, you should have worked it out by now
Those who have it control those who don't


Come on----look at the controlling possibilities
Look at how it controls you now


Anonymous said...

It always comes back to sex :)

Everything does.

Fanny said...

Really? Is pussy controlling you, Clyde?

Clyde said...

I'm not sure that everything does--But I'm bloody sure that a lot of things in life come back to a lack of, deprevation from, or an ability to provide.

No, actually it isn't.
I'm actally being controlled by poochy instead.
I am a great fan of pussy, but not totally obsessed


What's poochy? * Almost afraid to ask*

You do know this is the mantra of evert misogynist out theree, don't you?

The REAL most destructive weapons are.....words. Esp. I love you.

The devastation people have wreaked on others from behind those words.

Clyde said...


Ha----Poochy---My life is controlled by my dog----I have to consider her in everything I do.
And you thought it was something kinky

Bo Bo said...

I would be more than happy to volunteer with helping research ways we can harness this powerful weapon. Just lock me in a room full of pussy and I will research for as long as it takes.

Clyde said...

I reckon I can get you a deal on that.
Yep, you, Amanda Vanstone, Bronwyn Bishop, Camilla Parker B, Maggie Thatcher, Roseanne Barr and your Mother in Law.
Dont reckon you would last the day

phishez said...

You want world peace to be figured out using pussy. I have it for you.

NO MORE SEX. No procreation. No people to wage war.

Fuck I'm a genius.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

PUSSY! Um...when I am hungry...I take the food.

When I'm thirsty I take the drink.

When I want the womaan. I take the woman...

Well really, it's the other way around...They take me.

Clyde...I just can't bear to hear a man beg. Or a woman... it fucking turns me on. Grrrr.
I guess I'm not much of a weapon...and I do love the doggie position.

*wags tail*

Woof...woof! :D

Ciao honey.

Clyde said...

That's very kind of you to volunteer that most powerful weapon of yours.
Now I'm taking bets on how long you can last with that "No More Sex"

Clyde said...

Oh Spiky
I'm guessing that you are the ultimate weapon.
The weapon that no one can resist.
Oh, you wont hear me beg---it will be a silent prayer
Love a girl who can wag her tail

MommyHeadache said...

not sure about that
you mean if I want a payrise I just show my boss my pussy and he'll say "Wow, here's your 5K raise and there's plenty more where that came from"

It would be a fun world it that's how it worked!

Jade said...

Ahh you gotta love a weapon that can produce so much pleasure for all involved :-)

And Clyde, when you, me and Spiky are in hell together, I hate to break it to you, but.... I've got dibs on her. :-) She's mine, sorry... So... just a heads up, we will be using out weapons on you then ;-)

Clyde said...


I dont think that the weapon works that way
But if your employer has access to your weapon, I am sure that it could be used to make demands.

So I think you will have to be fucking the boss already.----then it is a very dangerous weapon

Clyde said...


And I thought that you were such a caring sharing person.
Actually, I would probably need your help---cos I doubt that I could keep up with the lovely Ms Jones.
Then again, maybe you couldn't and might need my help

Jade said...

Ohh I doubt I'd need help with ms.jones but I'm sure she'd be ok with you watching I bet it will be a perk for you while in hell with us, waiting for one of us to need a water,potty, or smoke break. :-)

Keshi said...

And the story always ends with SEX? lol Clyde!


Clyde said...

Geez, didn't your Mother teach you to share your playthings.

I'm taking bets on Spiky wearing you out and still being ready for more

Clyde said...

Not always
Sometimes it's a cigarette

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh...Oh...I am so F'ing moist right now and if I keep thinking about it...which I am, for sure I'm going to take these panties off...and start without you two. Grrrr.

Really...really...I want you both. I promise no one will get hurt...much. We can do it...we'll use love triangle geometry 101. I knew that class would come in handy one day. hehehehe

Oh jade...will you be wearing strawrberry or lime chapstick? Um...and nothing else? YAY!

Clyde...don't go away, but you better start resting up. You're going to need it with me and jade. She's hot. Woo! :D

Ciao honey.

-eve- said...

i thought you were gonna say 'love'! ;-)
i liked the joke at the end..... my principle is that if ur not working or dying (or think ur dying, like of a high fever or a cold, lol), both husband or wife should have sex whenever one party wants it (especially since one doesn't have that much time after you minus working hours...)

Clyde said...

A very fine principle to live by.
But I have to believe that sometimes one of the partners really just cant be bothered or doesn't feel like it---so the other partner should respect that.
But, I have never fealt that way myself