Monday, 13 October 2008


Local news stories have two flashers running around town at the moment
Well, maybe not running
One is dropping his dick out the bottom of his shorts to show the young ladies at a popular boat ramp.
The other is hiding in bushes near a bus stop and waving his wand at female commuters waiting for their buses.

Now I cant work out how you get your rocks off by showing your dick to a few strangers and running off
And I don't condone anyone doing it
The ladies have complained and the Police are out looking for the flashers----of course the ladies cant give much of a description of the perpetrators faces but have given detailed descriptions of the dicks.

OK, the equality bit.

So these two blokes are in trouble with the law-----indecency laws
A guy gets his dick out in a night club and he is frogmarched out and gets the shit kicked out of him in the gutter.
A guy waves his wand a little early on a date and he gets spat on and called rude names.

But----and here it is-----

A girl gets her pink bits out and shows then to the world.
No report to the Police and gets followed home by bus commuters and fishermen from the boat ramp
The door Nazis at the club buy her drinks and all the guys cheer.
Her date gives thanks to his God and they have a big night.
And the upskirt photos appear in four magazines

So where is the equality there.

Not that I want to get my dick out and wave it around but there should be equality in the results of publicly displaying of genitalia.


Should I have a poll here----how distasteful would that be on a class publication like this--

OK---tell me----have you got your bits out in public---just for an airing


bunny said...

I can honestly say I haven't...and I have no wish to either.

Clyde said...

And besides, it is a little cool in Scotland to bare any bits


I would never even wear low cut blouses, showing cleavage.
Sexiness is not showing, but tantalizing with what's underneath and letting the imagination do the rest.

I am glad you're blogging, Clyde.

Bo Bo said...

Do publicly releases DVD's count?

What about youtube?

Does it count if it was in front of a priest?

phishez said...

I've never had my bits out, but my boobs are pretty well known.

Clyde said...

I'm not sure it's anything to do with sexiness----some people just like to get their bits out.

Hmmmm----well if I left, who would turn the lights out---(There's your chance anon boy)

Clyde said...

It would count if you put the red nose on the wang---

Oh, well, as long as it was in front of the Priest and not behind him
Come on---confess Clown face

Clyde said...

There not really well known in Adelaide---
Do you think you could bring them down here ?

Fanny F said...

Is a blog public?

Clyde said...

Geez, you frightened me---I just dashed over to Flight of---thought we had an addition

Kitty said...

i'd conservatively estimate that a good half the free bloggig world have seen my pinks and i'm proud to have flashed them (3000 times).

BUT i can tell you right now Mr Clyde, i can has complainers!!

i got haters up my arsehole and out my earholes on the daily...all over a dirty old ho bag?!

they must be ugly wimmins and/or the gayest of mens.

Clyde said...

Ah Kitty
Who could complain at such nice pink bits.
And I'm sure that you wouldn't spit at some guy displying his dangly bits to you
A lady with a good sence of fairness
Oh, its Tuesday---I'll be over later

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...
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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"So where is the equality there"

There ISN'T any.

Just like when a teacher sleeps with a always seems SO much more acceptable...or I guess I should say it just seems less perverted, if a female teacher sleeps with a male student than the other way around. Here, when a female teacher sleeps with a student, she gets a smack on the wrist....whereas it seems if a male teacher sleeps with a female student, they want him put UNDER the jail.

Well, I've gone skinny dipping with the hubby...and when he and I are out on the boat, I've been known to flash the twins at The PK...but only if it's just the two of us. I am SO not an exhibitionist.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde babes...yeah though I don't see what all the fuss is about. I have shown my pink bits at clubs off and on Sunset blvd. You don't think I'm paying for my drinks do you? They usually think we're celebs anyway. And no I didn't and don't wear undies when I go clubbing.

Our friend Tim looks like a fricking movie star and he names drops and tellS the door dudes we are so and so, They look at our boobs, ass and legs...and mentions pink bits will be showing for sure...he waves us (6) in past everyone waiting. "Later suckers!" We're in and they buy us all, our drinks. Yay!

A show of pink bits for everyone...

Ciao babes...hfab post. OH and hey of youwant to wave your dick...take a pic and email the pic to me. *Wink*

Clyde said...

A bit of a different subject---and teachers a really working in a position of trust---and parents are trusting them not to fuck their kids---
Having said that---I doubt too many young guys are gonna report that they slipped one to the teacher---they usually get caught by the kid bragging too much and it gets back to their parents.
But again you are right---it just doesnt seem as bad as a male teacher fucking his female student---and it even sounds worse with a male teacher fucking his male students.
A skinny dip is a good thing---and you are a good girl getting the twins out for the PK---
We are still waiting for the cleavage shots.

Clyde said...

Oh Spiky baby
I had no doubt that you would be the one to flash the bits---such a caring girl, performing a public service for the less fortunate---so are there photos---come on---I wont publish them

Fanny F said...

I frightened you? Too right .. my bits are a scary concept.

Clyde said...

I dont think so
Dancing boy seemed to like it.

I'm sure I'd take a chance

EmmaK said...

In my student days me and my girlfriends would often get drunk and run up and down naked down the street, also once we took nude photos in the garden (this was England in winter), our neighbors just smiled.

I think female nudity is inoffensive because you're not waving your dick at anyone so to speak.

Clyde said...

Yep, I dont find female nudity offensive in the least

phishez said...

Lol. Clyde, the only place to have seen my bare breasts was a blog right out of adelaide.

Otherwise, search my blog for boobs. They're there.

Clyde said...

Yeh, yeh, I saw them on a trash publication but this is a personal appearance I'm talking about.
Oh, and they were a fine thing on that publication


Update Mister! I need something to read.

Clyde said...

The Bible isn't a bad read ----if you like fiction

Cat said...

No and No.


Loving your play list, Clyde!
Was disappointed that Mr Bojangles is an error.

Clyde said...

Love a big variety of music


So do I , Clyde.You have good taste in music.

Clyde said...

Dont know about good taste---
Bugga I couldnt find Gloria Estefan's version of "Hold Me"
Brilliant----makes me tingle