Friday, 20 June 2008


We all like to think that in any relationship, we are equal partners

But in reality, men in a relationship think with their "little" brain and although they like to think they are equal or even in charge the reality is


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I love that picture! ;)

Clyde said...

You lead and they will follow

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Ha! Is she leading him by the penis?!

bunny said...

The sooner more men realised that, the better :)

I'm so jealous of her flat flat stomach...

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde...a gal is more in charge when she has it in her mouth. Right? It alwasy worked for me.

hey I am really sorry but I've tagged you...come read or do I have to lead you! :D

Clyde said...

If you think with it, you are going to get lead by it

Clyde said...

We do actually grow out of it---although we do still have the same targets.
Hmm---flat stomach---smiling eyes, flat stomach---smiling eyes---I have to go for the smiling eyes

Clyde said...

You are always in charge---even more so when there are teeth involved.
Now with an offer like that, you are just going to have to lead me---OOOOOHHEEEEEEEEEE


Great pic Clyde and so true.

bunny said...


...would you not rather a combination of the two?

Clyde said...

And once we know it, we can do something about it

Clyde said...

Probably---but I'll always go with the smiling eyes----flat tummy or not

MommyHeadache said...

this picture very well displays the superiority of women in every way

Bag said...

and the problem is?

All relationships have two areas that need to be met.

1) Your needs. These are what you can't do without. Honesty, sex, financial, whatever.
2) Your wants. These are what you would like but are flexible with. Weight, height, financial, whatever.

Both sides have their own versions and both need to be happy.

Where we go wrong is we get them mixed up and this dishonesty, sometimes unintentional because we are not honest with ourselves, leads to unhappiness. eg. Guy doesn't want to get married but girl does. Pretends she doesn't hoping that he will change and he doesn't. total confusion for the guy 2 years down the road and arguments.

Back to your picture though. I would love to be looked after and not have a care in the world. Used and abused. Bliss, and I ain't even blonde.

Clyde said...

Yep, and your point is ?

Clyde said...

Yep, I have no problem having my body used and abused---I actually prefer it that way.
But you played the H card
Honesty is the biggest thing required in every relationship---
Oh, except when she says "does my arse look big in this"----lie

kiki said...

"this picture very well displays the superiority of women in every way"

i'd say it more shows how men, no matter where they are in life, will probably always go for some hot chick walking around in high heels and nothing else.

Clyde said...

I think that you have a very shallow opinion of women.
Ok, she is naked, she is attractive, but you have no idea who or what she is.
Let me give yo a tip on life.
If you want to see the soul of a person, look into their eyes---if you can see them smile with their eyes, then who cares if they are naked---they are a person that you want to know
If you only care that she is naked, then you have no respect for who she may be

kiki said...

actually, what i was referring to was my shallow opinion of men, not women.

Clyde said...

Oh, that's ok then.
I think that the ladies have a starting point of "All men are bastards" and work from there.
And guys keep trying to prove them right.