Monday, 16 June 2008


What do women want ?

The age old question that has had men on the back foot for years has finally been answered by a British survey.

These same surveys have said that men think about sex every 52 seconds.

Now they have revealed that that three out of four young women think about clothes or shoe shopping every 60 seconds.

The survey interviewed 778 women aged 19 to 45.
Almost half of them said that they kept their partners in the dark about the level of their spending.
Nearly half of them said that they did not wear everything in their wardrobe, while 10 per cent became bored with new clothes within a fortnight.

Does that make women shallow ?

Personally I don't become bored with a new sexual partner within a fortnight---and I'm quite happy to keep that model til it wears out.
I don't think that they actually go out of fashion.

Does that make men more practical ?


MommyHeadache said...

I avoid the problem of getting tired of new clothes by not buying them. Talking of sex surveys, please give me some insight in the one on my blog today.

Clyde said...

You have to buy clothes sometime.
Walking around the house naked all of the time can frighten the visitors.
Ok, I'll pop over

Unknown said...

Nobody knows

Clyde said...

I dont think that you are right.
There are those rare relationships where people are completely honest with each other---they know

Fanny said...

Clyde, are you saying you wore out all your past partners? Did they have to go to get a reline and grease and oil change after you broke up?


Great post! No, that makes men lazy.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde babe. shopping and can we combine the two? I get to twitching when I don't go out shopping. My feet tickle for new heels and then I have to get a skirt, blouse, panties,bra to match...I can't help it.

Hey I figure it like least it keeps be broke and I can't afford crack anymore. hehehe.

Ciao babe.

bunny said...

Totally off topic but I don't know if you'll be back around mines or not. If I could favourite your comment you left, I would.

It was lovely, thank you.


Clyde said...

I'm sure that you would wear me out---but it would be fun

Clyde said...

As long as it is a Triple A skirt.

Access All Areas

Clyde said...

A pleasure
Only call them as I see them
Oh, and yes, I keep calling past

Clyde said...

Just a paly on words

MommyHeadache said...

no need to wear clothes here, its 80 degrees F ;) When can I expect you?

ann said...

My Husband justified his purchase of a Corvette by comparing it to my shoe and clothes "habit". So no, men are not more practical. I never tell the complete truth on how much I spend on anything....everything is on sale. I usually just walk around the house naked anyway, it saves me on laundry.HA

Clyde said...

I was only popping over to your blog---
Hmm, but no need for clothes---well, hmm, maybe the US isnt that far

Clyde said...

I hope you have curtains or blinds.
No, I've got that wrong---I hope you dont
Oh, hang on---I'm not there---so I hope you have got blinds

Sister Christian said...

I try not to get tired of new clothes within a fortnight by not wearing them that often and by waiting until I'm going out with a friend to wear it so that I'll have something slightly interesting to talk about...I sometimes think men are more practical, but it depends on the type of women you know.
As for the question of what women want? Let them have their way. Always.

ann said...

We live in the country on 4 acres so, I can walk out on my deck naked if I want to. No one can see anything unless they are directly in the back yard looking in.

Clyde said...

"Let them have their way always"
Geez, I lost a house, car and my dog doing that

Clyde said...

You said "CAN"

Keshi said...

but I guess ur bored with me? :(


Clyde said...

I'm not bored with anyone---
Why would you think that ?