Tuesday, 12 April 2011


It's funny that when things start to go wrong in life, we say that our luck has run out.
So how much luck do we get and when does it run out?.

Friends say that I am lucky in a lot of ways yet I fail to see their logic.

There is no logic in luck

I have always studied form guides for local harness racing and attended at every pre race qualifying trial that I could get to
I remember the first night that they raced at our new track---8 races and I backed every winner and 7 out of 8 at the corresponding interstate meeting---15 winners in 16races.
Of course at the next meeting, I increased my bets and backed 2 out of the 16 winners--giving back my winnings from the week before.

Yes, I suppose you would think I was lucky, but really, I am only persistent---
I realised years ago that gamblers must be prepared to lose every dollar that they bet and that you can't win every time you have a bet.

Like every thing in life---you can't win 'em all

There is no such thing as the balance of probabilities or Murphy's law---
I have been taking the same two sets of 8 numbers in our lotto for 20 years---I have had some wins but nothing really big.
Mathematically, my chances of winning are in the millions---but I keep on going

I have got two small dividends this week----they say that they come in threes---ha ha ha---who said that----I'm betting there is no third win.

Lightening never strikes twice---ha ha ha---a friend of mine from work won first prize in a State lottery---and three years later, shared first prize with a friend.

I guess that I'll never win a big one because a black cat crossed my path ten years ago and I walked under a ladder last week---at least I have never run over a China man.

Who made up all of these superstitions
And is luck only measured by winning money.

I think that I'm lucky that I have my health---I'm lucky that everyone who chooses to read by blog, takes the time to see what I think----I'm lucky that I have "met" some wonderful people on the Web.

I can do as I want in life because I have no family to think about or care about or be responsible to or for---is that lucky---or unlucky----or is it what I deserve.
I don't have a natural will--in that I have no family to naturally inherit my estate---but a friend of mine says that I should not make a will or I might die----
Ha ha ha---yes, I will die---but I'm not letting the Government or my ex-wife get my estate, so I do have a will--and that friends children get most of it

I feel lucky that I woke up this morning and saw the smiling face and wagging tail of a dog who depends on me and seems to be happy about the situation----oh, and she is in my will
I feel lucky that I have had nearly two years of retirement after 43 years of planning for it.

So my plan for tomorrow is to take a gamble on life---
I'm going to get out of bed---if I see a black cat, I'll let my dog chase it, if there is a crack in the path on the way to the beach, I'll probably tread on it, if there is a ladder I'll go around it or under it--whatever is easiest.
Oh, hell, it's the 13th---ha ha ha---I'll buy a lottery ticket

Hope I'm here tomorrow night to see your smiling faces


Scarlet Blue said...

Er... well.. good luck with all of that!

Jimmy said...

The Eygptians. They are the people who conjured up superstitions and the bollix that goes with it. By the way... the number 13 is only unlucky because it did not fit into their pox-ridden calender.

Black cats? To hell with them, they all go the same way if they cross my path when I'm driving.

Jimmy said...

By the way.. the G should have been before the Y in Egyptians. I knew I should no have walked under that feckin ladder the day.

Anonymous said...

And I'm lucky I've met a wonderful friend like you. In this mad world it's extremely hard to find one.

Thank you :)

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

My brother always said "The harder I work, the luckier I get"
As with everything in life--you have to be in it to win it.

Clyde said...


Ha ha ha--my Scottish grandparents probably had more superstitions and told more "old wifes" tales than anyone I have known

Clyde said...


And you know how glad I am to have met you.
You have taught me a lot.
I am blessed---oh, and lucky

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: Hi honey. I liked this post...lucky me to be able to read it. :)

Luck...bad's there and it's not. just being able to smile and laugh everyday is being lucky.

later sweetie. xxx


I'm still awaiting my birthright-the luck of the Irish.Maybe I was disqualified for being only half Irish?

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

I'm lucky that you read it.
I imagine you smiling every day

Clyde said...


Just like Santa disqualified you under the naughty or nice clause

Just telling it like it is said...

At first I started singing that sound from Stevie Wonder...but then as I read on I find that you have some really good qualities..One being persistent...and the fact that you mentioned how much you love me in your blog...Just kidding

Just telling it like it is said...

about the mentioning of me

Friday said...

Um... you can leave it all to me if you like.

I'll share it with Kylie.... promise!!


Clyde said...


What about I leave it all to Kylie and she can share it with you---but what would her husband say---