Monday, 25 April 2011


In Australia we no longer have school assemblies to sing our national anthem and salute our country's flag because we may offend those in our multicultural society who object to showing patriotism to this country.
Now don't jump on the "Muslims are taking over bandwagon". The protests and perceived offence have come from a multitude of people, including the indigenous Australian, who want their own flag.

But all of this has come after religious instruction has been banned in all but the church run schools.
That really does not offend me---I lost faith in my christian religion many years ago.
But, I have been a christian by convenience---I was raised in the Presbyterian church and even though I had ceased that association, I always claimed to be Catholic while I was in the Army
There was good reason for that. In the army camps out bush, those who didn't attend church services on Sundays had to work in kitchen duties, the protestant religions attended a service with-in the camp but the Catholics were transported into town and always had about three hours in the town.

Now that may be hypocritical but pretty moderate compared to a lot of people this weekend.
Those who have strayed from their christian faith, those who have never had a faith and those who protested that the faith was being taught in the State schools are all having a paid long weekend built on the christian faith.

I have yet to see any protesters on the street this weekend, pleading their case that their work place should be open for them to attend.

Happy Easter everyone---I guess you will just have to take the Christmas holidays and national patriotic holidays as well



Good point. It's amazing they never refuse the holidays of the religions they curse.

Clyde said...


I doubt that anyone refuses a paid day off----even the anti Monarchy celebrate the Queens birthday---well, they take the holiday at least

♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

Hope your Easter was terrific! as for me... im back! or at least i think i am!! LOL!!

Clyde said...

Ah Lyrical lady
It is good to see you back
My Easter was very quiet---unfortunately, coincided with a sad family anniversary.
I hope your life is back to normal--well, actually, better than normal

Macy said...

Yep, and one extra bank holiday for the royal wedding has guaranteed the monarchy stays for the next 50 years over here...

Clyde said...


But I would think that the majority of Brits actually took some interest in the wedding---especially the bridesmaid's arse