Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Now I am the first to applaud anyone who comes up with a new idea for a business--or a new way to make an existing mundane occupation more exciting.

Like when one of those mass produced hamburger multi national franchise groups actually started putting beef in their burgers or a pizza maker actually uses pepperoni instead of some reconstituted crap pizza sausage.

But this week on local morning TV, there was a report on a new business in the USA--yep, really, in the USA---who would believe this.

A young lady has set up a business as a therapist.
Now I have found out since that she is not actually qualified, but her idea of how to make people feel relaxed and speak openly about their problems is certainly novel and has great merit.
I am sure that her clients would leave her sessions feeling a lot more satisfied that with a lot of other therapists.

Her idea is that she either starts the session naked or during the session, she takes her gear off.
Well, she would certainly get my attention and I would probably tell her my life story.

Now just for the sake of research, I did check her site.
Besides many photos of this young lady in varying states of undress, there were a few interesting statements.

1) Naked therapy allows, encourages and respects arousal in the therapeutic context.
OK, so sitting across the room from a naked young lady might get you aroused, but that is fine because it is therapeutic---
Yes, I've found that to be the case.

2) Traditional therapy forbids arousal, yet our world is saturated with arousal, and men aren't stupid.
Yes, I think saturated is a very good word.
Oh, and I've dated a girl or two in my day, who might not agree on the stupid bit.
Oh, and I want to know how the traditional therapists enforce that no arousal rule.

3) During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life.
Well, I have doubts about being more in control when aroused.

You may find this hard to believe, but the majority of this young lady's clients are men--but she explains that more men need therapy and they are comfortable with her--but she does have some female clients.
Oh, and the clients can strip before or during the session themselves.
Hmm, was just thinking of all the bum prints on her leather couch---oh, and does she disinfect the couch between between sessions---or just hose it off.

Oh, and as an extra service, you can actually do your session on line---fancy that---you don't even have to be in the same country as some naked girl, while you are talking about your sex life.

Now you might think that this is a lot of crap---well, go and check it out--Sarah White, Naked Therapist.

Now not being one to miss an opportunity, I thought that being a very compassionate bloke and a good listener, I could start up something similar but with a twist.
Ms White seems to cater for the guys, so I thought that I could complement this service and cater for the ladies.
The twist---well, I always like to have people feel at ease, so in my service, the clients will be naked or can strip.

I will give my live on line address to anyone interested.

And remember--
I will respect arousal in the therapeutic context.


Dutch donut girl said...

I'd be more inclined to go to my dentist if she did the same thing.

So you are keeping your clothes on? That's cheating.

Clyde said...


You want your female dentist to--OK, a bit of variety never hurts.

Ok, if you want some therapy, I suppose I could make an exception for you

Jimmy said...

I'll take my shirt off if the weather permits, and the hole has to be dug before the back of three, but I do draw the line at nudity. There's nowhere to put your pencil for a start.

Macy said...

Hey Clyde - Does this mean your blog is going to go all quiet while you get into therapy?
How many hours a day of it do you think you can take???

Clyde said...

Och Jimmy
I think you may be best suited to this American lassie.
I'm sure you could comfort the poor wee thing

Clyde said...


I have my doubts that there will be a big call for my services but I'm willing to to make sacrifices for the good off any who require my attention.
Oh, I am willing to take as long as you need


I am sure that is a typical American stunt to get publicity for her services.Worked too, didn't it? :)

I shall now blogwar in the noddy!

How's that?

Jules said...


Having been to therapy to discuss being raped at 18 I'd find it hard to open up to somebody naked about that.....

Good one for imagination though.

Murr Brewster said...

I'm sorry, I just got to the line "something similar but with a twist" and my head blew up.

Clyde said...


I think she has just found a niche market----guys with problems who want to see naked young chicks--- and there might be a few of them.

Now, this blogwar---are you going to do it on camera, publish pictures or do we have to use our imagination

Clyde said...


I'm not sure what good she is doing other than the perve factor---she has no qualifications---but then again, I am sure that people with good listening skills and compassion could probably assist a few people

Clyde said...


Well, I really couldn't offer the exact same service--she probably has some sort of patent on that----oh, and we have some differences

Just telling it like it is said...

I'm all in what a great idea...I think I should do that!!!