Friday, 4 February 2011


It has been a very funny summer in Australia

Poor old Queensland, our northern tropical state has been flooded with tsunamis (fucking big waves) in their river systems and damage caused all over the place.
Then they get a category 5 (fucking big ) cyclone cross the coast between two major cities and wipe a lot of people out----few deaths but big damages.

But down south here, we have been having some hot weather.

Now it's not abnormal for dog and I to be up early and getting a good walk on the beach before the heat of the day hits
Both of us have been getting a Nanna nap in the middle of the day to make up for lost sleep.
What has been unusual is the number of late night walks we have had on the beach to cool off before trying for a good night's sleep.

I'm not sure, if you don't have a beach or a desert or a country field close to you, if you have seen the night sky as I have in the past few months.

There is always the same number of stars in the sky but if you are laying flat on your back in the middle of a beach, they seem to change.
The nights of a full moon, there seems to be so much illumination yet the stars are there, but there doesn't seem to be as many, but a crescent moon and the stars are brighter and fill the sky.
Are there more stars or do you just see more or is the glow just brighter when the moon is not so bright.-----can you count them or does your count just run out when a wet dog licks you up your nose.
Is there someone out there?
How far away are they?

And then there is the cloudy nights---the sun sets into a red or golden sea from clouds of fire---the stars are less but still a few.
And then your dog is sitting next to you---wet but leaning against you and you know.

Then there it is----lightning on the horizon---lighting up the cargo ships on the deep sea anchorage---the rumble of thunder and you wonder how she knew.

Every night there is a new sky but unless you are laying on your back on the beach or in the fields or out in the desert, you don't see all of it----but it is the same sky as you that I have never met will see tonight.

See, we are connected
Winter or summer


Marnie said...

Yes we are all connected on some level :0) I live in Toronto and we have a lot of snow. I'm just waiting for our Summer. Those walks you've described sound lovely. Cheers.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Underneath the same big sky... we all are. And yes, when the moon is not so bright, or on new moon nights, the stars are amazingly brilliant. You can see more of them simply because the smaller ones aren't faded out by the moon. I'm lucky that I live very close to the edge of the city, so street lights don't obscure the stars. I see many every night that it is clear... and it is wondrously beautiful.

Dogs can feel the electrical changes in the air, and she could probably hear the thunder as well. Humans have such puny senses. Watched a show yesterday on tv that said vets figure a third of a dog's brain is devoted to its sense of smell. Their hearing is way better than ours too.


The stars on the farm were spectacular. I could lay on my back and juts gaze up at them for hours. Who needs tv with that show?

Love your visuals, Clyde,but is this post for someone specific? :)

♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

yep, its the same sky i saw the other day!! or maybe you saw it first then i got to see it...or was it the other way around.

either way, we all are definitely connected.

the world is a beautiful place...

Clyde said...


It's a hard life, but someone has to do it---
I doubt that you get out and lay in the snow to see the stars---hmm, but why not

Clyde said...


It's there every night but it's not til you look that you see the wonder of it.
If my gog's hearing is so good, why doesn't she wake herself up with that snoring---ha ha ha---but yes, she is a good storm warner

Clyde said...


The only thing about the farm is you have to be careful of the presents that the cows leave in the fields.
Uber, this post is for everyone who may take the time to look and see and actually think about it

Clyde said...

Lyrical Lady

The world indeed is a beautiful place.
I think I get the sky before you but it will still be pristine when it gets to you---
I'm probably seeing it about the same time as your mum.
I wonder if we could sneak an extra star in there for you

Scarlet Blue said...

I live in a field. I have been watching the stars with you, which is quite romantic.

In all honesty I often look at the stars and think about my fellow bloggers around the world... but I guess they don't all have the stars at the same time as me!

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

I feel like I have been watching stars with you---but instead of sand on my back, I have snow---but at least you are there to keep me warm---now could you move your head a little so I can see the sky

Anonymous said...

A star is like a person/being... and so many stars/persons/beings are out/in there that definitely we're all connected, even if we pretend not "knowing" eachother.

Nice imagery you gave me, specially living in a landlocked place like mine. I have my stars here as well but with the weird summer we're having is difficult to gaze them most of the time.

Thank you. :)

Clyde said...


Good to see you
I'm sure we are all connected by something.
It is comforting to think that I am looking at the same sky as you and I will think of you next time I lay back on the beach too see my summer sky

Danielle said...

Great writing! Really made me think!

Clyde said...


It's out there every night and it doesn't matter, race, colour or creed, it's free for all

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Nice to see you ARE still blogging. I've missed blogging and reading them...but I think I may be back now.

Clyde said...


Glad to see you back---look forward to reading you again

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I wonder if the stars yousee are the same as mine...seeing that you are tilted towards the sun and I am farther away from the sun.

some stars are not there...they have exploded or have burned out but the far traveled light is just now getting to us.

lter sweetie. xxx

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

I think we see a very similar array--

Yep, I noticed LiLo has exploded again and looks like she might have burned out

Just telling it like it is said...

Wait you live in Australia...when can I come couch surf there...I always wanted to canoe with the killer whales and see kangaroos and see the beaches...and see killer whales...

Clyde said...


You are welcome any time you like.
The beach is at the end of the street, kangaroos and koalas, we can arrange---but the killer whales, I'm sorry, they are in Canada---we dont have Orcas---we do have killer sharks, but it is not a great idea to canoe anywhere near them