Monday, 27 December 2010


OK, this could be offensive to a few people, but basically, GET OVER IT.

In the past two years I have received regular emails warning me that the Muslims are taking over the world
They have ranged from warnings that "they are breeding more children" to "it is the fastest growing religion in the world" and "they are taking over countries by stealth"

If you can read this, you have access to the Internet, so go and read some truths and get over this scare mongering shit that all seems to be emanating from one country.

From the wording of most of these uninformed warnings, it is obvious that a lot of people read some fairly scandalous articles, totally lacking in credible fact, published in the Readers Digest----ooops, should I say that---oh well.

OK, all of the reports and warnings used to say Muslim Fundamentalists but now it suddenly becomes the Muslim religion.
Fundamentalists----what the hell are Muslim fundamentalists-----well fundamentally they are Muslims.
That's like saying Catholics, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Orthodox Churches are fundamentally Christians----but so are half of the murders and rapists in gaol throughout the world.
So these terrorists happen to be Muslims---it is an enormous leap to say that every Muslim is a terrorist.

But all of these emails and reports seem to want to make us suspicious of everyone who happens to belong to this faith.
And if they don't want to mention the Muslim religion, they say "men of an Arabic appearance"---- Great disguise guys, but you really need to know that a lot of people of Arabic appearance are Christians.

OK, here are some facts for you----look them up----some of these emails have used these facts but they leave little bits out.

There HAS bean an increase of 235% in the number of Muslims in the world---that's a fact---the bit they miss out is that this has been in the past 50 years---and that is directly linked to the birth rate in 3rd world countries where Islam is the dominant faith---they are not going for the 1.5 children per family and also don't have 25 digital channels on their TV.

Islam is the fastest growing faith in France. Yes, that right, but mainly because of immigration---but also the truth is that only 5% of the entire population of Europe are Muslim.

Islam is in 204 of the worlds 238 countries but Christianity is in all 238

In the United States and Australia, the fastest growing religion is Buddhism---so we had better watch out for those guys in robes sounding those noisy gongs---they could bring our countries down.

In the entire world the fastest growing religions are Baha'i with a 2.28% growth and the Zoroastrians with a 2.65% growth---and no, Zoroastrians don't ride black horses and wear masks.

If the people in the USA really think that they are taking over, look in your own back yards---in your population you have 2% Jews but only 1.4% Muslims----I would be more frightened of the power of the Scientologists or those freaky people in Utah who are still waiting for the second coming 50 years after their prophet said he was coming to Salt Lake City.

That Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world is pure myth at best and at worst a deliberate deception of solid statistical facts.

Stop fueling these myths and forwarding on these emails---reply and tell the senders to check their facts---well, go on--Google it

Maybe you will be a little more tolerant and a little less scared


Venom said...

One group you never have to worry about becoming terrorists are the potheads - it may sound like a good idea at one point, but who feels like getting off the couch and really doing it?

Terrorists should smoke more pot.

Make love, not war people.

(Watched a TV show about early 70's protesting on the White House lawn today.)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hear, hear!

Fear mongering is the biggest epidemic of all... especially in the good ol' US of A. That spills over into Canada, unfortunately, because we are geographically so close. I hate how intolerant so many are. Thanks for the great post, Clyde!

Anonymous said...

ah the voice of reason. Well said and it funny how it is always the guvmint of the day likes to hike the anxiety levels of the great unwashed with the shit that we hear. TonyB

Jules said...

Very good post Clyde, everyone needs to stop being so scared of what is not "normal" in their own society, that does not mean it is not completely fine in others. In Papaua New Guinea pigs are revered and the women breastfeed them to ensure they are healthy as can be, if we saw that in the streets of Sydney or Auckland we'd be calling the SPCA, stat. Let's just chill and live and let be.

Clyde said...


I have always liked the idea of making love not war.
But you have to watch out for those women---they have that weapon of mass destruction---but fun to invade

Clyde said...


Basically all of these emails are fear mongering and stirring the pot--and 90% of them are comming from the US.
It was sad that they had an Administration who seemed hell bent on fueling these fears.
Hopefully things are changing but it will be a slow process

Clyde said...

Tony B

Oh I am sure that sectors of a government have been feeding the fear factor to justify some fairly suspect actions that they call reactions.
Sure, fight terrorism but not a race or religion

Clyde said...


We are that precious about outdated values and anything unusual that we are offended by women breastfeeding children in public, let alone pigs.
It is not too many years back that we were freaked out by Jehovas Witnesses knocking on our doors

JennAventures said...

Hear! Hear!

I wonder what would happen if they googled "ignorance"!

Clyde said...


Maybe they would get a photo of themselves---or maybe George W

Scarlet Blue said...

I only get unsolicited emails asking me to sell things... and the occasional one about hot rubber.
You must be mixing in the wrong circles, Mr Clyde.

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

Oh, I get other emails about little blue pills and making things longer and last longer---they may be helpful at some stage--but these hate spreading mails annoy me

Oh, I like to mix in any circle

rebecca said...

P.S. by the way, first time I see a blogger use the word "gaol!" I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and came upon it for the first time this year. Love the variant of the word.

Clyde said...


It's funny that I think in Australia we used Jail more often for years but gradually went with Gaol----and we used to call all of our gaols, Prisons. And they used to be H.M. Prison---as in His / Her Majestey's Prison----it is a strange language
Now we have a labour pison for men, a rehabilitation centre for women and a training centre for youths
Political correctness---not so daunting

Anonymous said...

crap equals fake people like saloon owners with fake tits and the fake tit posse.

Clyde said...


Ok, you've got me