Sunday, 5 September 2010


Today is Fathers Day in Australia

A day when so many people celebrate having or being a father.
A day of respect for fatherhood.
A day when families get together. A family day.

There are a few family days during the year and hopefully some of them are the reasons for families forgetting about anger and fear and getting together and remembering that they are a family.

The weather has not been kind over the past week but this morning the sun shone and I walked the beach with my dog.
I spoke to my father and told him that I loved him.
And as a tear rolled down my cheek, I told him that I missed him.

My father died some years ago and I spread his ashes on the beach he loved to walk.

I have no family, so these family days are not so happy but they are a good reminder of the wonderful people who have passed through your life.

It's my Mum's birthday soon.
I'll talk to her and tell her that I love her.

She is on the beach with Dad---

Sometimes I want to stay with them


mapstew said...

Hey pal, it doesn't matter how old we get does it? Or the time that has passed since our loved ones went. It's the 24th anniversary of my Dad's passing tomorrow and there was a church service last night.

I understand what you mean when you say you want to stay with them. I'd be round to share a few stubbies with ya if I lived closer. Take care pal, you know you have a big 'blogfamily' out here! :¬)

Marnie said...

We celebrated Fathers day in June. My father passed away 8 years ago, so I understand how you feel. I do have a father-in-law, but it's not the same...he's not my dad.

Big hugs to you!
Marnie xx

Clyde said...


Hey, I'm not going to stay there---I'll be there soon enough.
Tis the anniversaries, birthdays and these family days that make you miss them all the more.
And I had a beer or two with him tonight

Clyde said...


We should always remember them and no one will take their place.---nor they should.

I guess your fathers day has some joy and some sadness
Your dad would be glad there is that joy.

Thanks for the hug

Meagan said...

Clye although we're all many miles away and not of the physical, there are reasons why we've all met on this blogging path. Thank you for sharing something so personal, it's made me want to see the father that I haven't seen in over 10-years. You take care of yourself and know that we're here

Your blogger family member,

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Nobody is ever gone. They are always around us in some way or the other. But I know it's still hard and painful to lose a loved one.

Keep them in your heart and they will always be there for you.


Culture Served Raw said...

Hey Clyde, these days are often very hard for many people. Hope you enjoy your time nonetheless

Clyde said...


I shouldn't have sounded so morbid--it is just that the days that some people celebrate, others cant--although, just thinking about my dad, I suppose was celebrating his life.
I hope you and your father can get together.

Clyde said...


The memories are never gone---my family will always be in my heart.

Thanks for the hugs

Clyde said...


I'm sure that the sunshine between the showers was to let me be there.
Oh, and really, I enjoy every day

Macy said...

It never goes does it? I think the Mexicans have the right idea with their Day of the Dead, where everyone celebrates family and friends who have died.

Clyde said...


Sounds like a fantastic idea--
But then around comes an anniversary

Ponita in Real Life said...

Clyde, they are with you always, their love and energy surrounding you. At least, that is how I view the important people that I've list... my mum and dad, my sister, a man I was married to. They live in on our hearts always.

Celebrating life everyday.... ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

(I love my father too and every time I can I tell him that... I don't want to regret later not saying it.)

Thank you for this post. It was beautiful :)

Clyde said...


Yes, they are always with you and guiding you---even though they are not standing by my side I often consider what they would think of my actions.
Hmm, I'm not sure that I think too much about my ex wife

Clyde said...


I have no regrets there---I was able to tell my brother, Father and Mother what I thought and how much I loved them before they left.

Never sleep on an argument, ----you may not get the chance to say what you want later

Venom said...

Come on then Clyde, you're a beloved person despite no family alive any longer. Being thought of and cared about by anyone, that's all any of us can ask, isn't it?
Big Hug & Sneak a Kiss on the Neck

Senorita said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving that hilarious comment !

Happy Fathers Day (it's in June in the US). I am very sorry to read that your father is no longer with us, but I know he heard you loud and clear.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Clyde, just to clarify... the man I was married to who passed away was still my husband at the time... not an ex. I think that makes all the difference.

And I definitely agree on not sleeping on an argument... life is too short to hold a grudge.

Clyde said...


We all like to be thought well of--And yes, I have friends who I love dearly---
But there is nothing like family--and sometimes you don't appreciate that til they're gone
Thanks for the hug--it was a warm feeling

Clyde said...


I'm not sure what I believe as far as an after life---so even if he didn't hear me, it was of some comfort to speak to him---and my dog looked at me like I was talking to her

Clyde said...


I was sure it was that way---you tend not to think of ex partners to often
Funny that I did feel the need to attend my ex in-laws funerals to show some respect--but I doubt that I will attend my ex wifes funeral---she will live forever and haunt me

Anonymous said...

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