Wednesday, 25 August 2010


We all know that guy
You know the one---the guy who brags about his conquests with the girls. You know---the one who has a new conquest every week yet he has never had a relationship.
You know---that guy who says "why buy a book when you can join a library"

Personally, I think that most of them have joined a library and are home every night reading a book----but they call them studs.

And we all know that girl
You know the one---the girl that all of the guys talk about and they have all been "with". You know---the one who has a great personality an talks to everyone but they never seem to be in a long term relationship.

Personally, I think that they are usually great people and can be friends with both guys and girls and don't need to be in love or in a relationship----but they call them sluts.

How judgemental are we ?
Guys get a medal that most of them don't deserve.
Girls get a label that none of them deserve.

But then you get into a relationship---a relationship that you want to be in with a partner you would really love to spend a long time with---maybe a life time, and then you become very coy about previous conquests.

It's one of those tricky quandaries. If you admit to too many previous partners then you might appear more than a a little promiscuous.
Your reputation as a stud wont impress your prospective partner and of course, that double standard labelling you as a slut, definitely wont impress any one.

But then if the number that you admit to is too small, then you might be perceived as an inexperienced prude or inadequate lover.

Some recently released research--(geez, who does this research--I've never been asked) shows that there is a split between the genders when it comes to answering that embarrassing question.
Of course most men lie---but most of them increase the number.
But only about a third of women lie but the greatest majority of those reduce the number.

The average number of sexual partners, according to this survey was seven for women and thirteen for men.
The one thing that they didn't make clear was were these figures for a lifetime of for the past year.
Now world population figures say that there is 52% females and 48% males, so you have to say that some of these "studs" are yet to pop the wax in their ears and there could be a "slut" or two who has been around the clock a few times.

But who really wants to ask these questions---who cares---who really wants to know.
Doesn't a partners sexual life begin from the day that you met them--?----after all, aren't you the best root ever ?

I've gotta stop reading the papers


Macy said...

Hmm these numberes seem a bit off.. maybe a disproportionate number of women had done jail time.. where their opportunities for laying men were a bit limited?
Maybe all the women asked were a bit younger... did they pass the questionnaire round a catholic girls school?

Venom said...

I personally don't care how many he's been with since whatever he did with someone else made him the lover he's been to me.

Of course, he's been my one and only.

I'm just naturally gifted.

Bwah hahahahahaha!

Clyde said...

Surely you are not trying to say that you may have had more than the published average---and it was a British survey
And now you are trying to ruin that naughty catholic school girl dream

Clyde said...


Of course he was your first
Hey, I can never see the point of wondering or asking.
Who cares

Hey, we are all gifted---well we like to think so

Dutch donut girl said...

The past is the past. So long as sex was protected and consensual, it really shouldn't matter how many people someone has had sex with.

After all, I wouldn't care how many have been there before me… my focus would be on making sure that there no need to be anyone *after* me :)

Clyde said...


Exactly---the past is the past
And who could compare to you---

Oh, hang on--"my focus would be on making sure that there no need to be anyone *after* me----hmmm, so you will stalk them and emasculate them and them will have no needs----ha ha ha

Dutch donut girl said...

Nope, an emasculated man is not for me nor would I ever want to emasculate anyone. Spoils all the fun in and out the bedroom.
Stalking is not my M.O. either (jeez, I'm boring, huh?). Only extremely insecure people stalk their partners.
Not good, not good at all.

In short, a man without 'needs' would be ultra creepy.

Have a nice weekend.


I have read simialr research on this very topic. The numbers are the average sexual partners people have had pre marriage.

And men tend to double their 'number' when asked,women tend to half it.

Women on average have 8 lovers pre marriage,men 12.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

So true, Clyde. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
I think I'll join the fun around here.
PS You're cute - said coyly.

Clyde said...

Yes, this was an English survey published in an Aussie paper---slow news day
Hmm, that's 8 & 12 pre marriage---what about after---hmmmm

Clyde said...

Nice to see you
Hang around if you like---it may be interesting it may be fun.

Just telling it like it is said...

I never ask...and I never tell...why does it matter..
Each person that I have been with have had their own wonderful qualities..

Heff said...

I've had 5000 lovers.

(and my penis is two feet long)

Clyde said...


It's a question no one should ever ask----you really dont want to know the answer

Clyde said...


You cant count your own fist and those sheep and goats.
It's the other humans that count

JennAventures said...

I had two opposite ends of the neighbor admitted to liking me awhile back-but when he admitted that he was 27 and a virgin, I got weirded out. I felt too much pressure youi know? But then the last guy lied about his number...and that was worse.