Thursday, 1 September 2011


There is no doubt that technology has taken over this world but has it come just a little bit too far.

For those of us who were a little bit shy and extremely inexperienced with those of the female gender, it was a daunting experience to actually ask out that girl who you fancied.

There wasn't the thought of first base or second base, it was more the hope that she might actually go out with you-----
Of course you could phone her but her mother or father normally answerred the phone and put you through the inquisition before you could talk to her and then if she said yes, you had to pick her up at her parents door and suffer the glares of her parents and little brother.

Of course you could approach her face to face but she was usually surrounded by her girlfriends and a knock back was usually amplified by the number of her girlfriends and of course you couldn't ask them out because they knew that they weren't your first choice.

But then technology made it so easy----every girl has her own phone----and you don't even have to talk to her, you just send a text message and see if she replies----the embarrassment factor has gone.

How easy has technology made things for young guys----well even easier when it is now appropriate for a girl to ask a guy out.

But now here it is----you dont phone, you dont send a text message, you sent a photo of your genitals to a girl and if she reciprocates you are at second base before reaching her front door.
And if she doesn't and shows the photo to her friends, you might receive a reply from one of them.
Or you end up with your bits on a facebook page.

Whatever you think, sexting is the new big thing of the world.
Personally, I have never given it a try----some might say at my age that it is just as well.

But I must say that I am not adverse to receiving and mail---oh, except from the guys---no non no


Elle said...


Clyde said...


It may well be all in fun but there is an epidemic of sexting in Australia at the moment bringing warnings from authorities that underage sexting could count as child pornography----

Of course, you are over the legal age, so if you want my number it is 04056014** ---oh, you didn't ask

savannah said...

same problem here with sexting, sugar! having had an very unpleasant experience with a troll on the blog (unrelated to sexting, i might add), it never ceases to amaze me how young people never get the fact that once something is out in the ether it out there for good! pictures, trolls, you have no control. xoxoxo

what was your number again? in case we need to compare notes.)

(OK, that was a joke, if anyone is thinking about starting so crap again!)

Elle said...

If they do that... there's probably a curiosity to fulfill, and that's the easiest way for them to find out, but not the wisest of course.

I don't know how's the "sex taboo" there... but here sex is "so wrong" (religious hypocrisy) that parents never talk about it with their children and we're having a epidemic of boys and girls sex assaulting their classmates, with sexting and everything, and in some cases with awful outcomes.

The subject will be nothing extraordinary (for them) if it is approached like a normal and natural thing from the beginning. So... I think we all are doing all so wrong :S

Just wondering.

Clyde said...


Hey, love the trolls----send it my way----some luny who has nothing better to do and has no creative talent of their own---
Hmm, I might come over and play.

Yes, that is exactly the point---once the photo is out there, it can haunt you for years---for a life time

Clyde said...


It is alway very hard for any young person if they don't have a good role model or they have not been given the right information by wise heads.

Of course there is a curiosity---and it is unfortunate that there has not been an education or experience at a very young age.
I had not sisters but had a neighbour who til the aqe of 9 or 10 liked to play with they boys and was quite happy to show what she had in her pants as long as the boys showed her what they had.

Funny that when puberty struck, she didn't want to show us any more and we were more anxious to see what she had-----luckily when she turned 17 or 18 she reverted to her old self and even showed me some new games
But I'm glad there are no photos

Macy said...

Erm, and is there anybody out there who hasn't sent a text to the wrong person, or rang someone by accident???

Clyde said...


So you are saying that I shouldn't have received that---ah, ok---it was very impressive----but, ok, if it wasn't for me, I'll delete it and I wont show my mates, oh and I wont publish it on the net----whew, you should be proud