Saturday, 10 September 2011



Amazing, I could not believe it, but there they were, 765 of them

I have been trying to get my account to operate properly for some time now.
I have been unable to comment on some of my favourite blogs and at times, even reply to comments on my own blog, so I have been tinkering around trying to come up with a solution.

Maybe close down and restart, but why should I-----so yesterday I thought that I would go through by blog from the very start
Hey, I even enjoyed reading a few comments til I came to one post that had 277 comments-----277, never had more than 50 comments ever, so I checked them.
There over a period of time in foreign languages, mainly Asian and Arabic were inane remarks with links to other sites.
I started to delete them singularly at the post comment site but it would have taken forever, so I resorted to the comment section of my dashboard and found 765 of these comment posts littered through three years of posts.

I dont know if any of this will help my situation but I cant help but wonder why people take the time to come to a public forum and litter it with absolute rubbish----and maybe infect the forum

I have removed all 765 posts and please dont worry that I might infect you---I have disinfected my keyboard and I am wearing rubber gloves to type


Macy said...

Does anyone ever buy anything as a result of getting spam?

Anyone? Ever? I'd really like to hear from them...

Elle said...

You can moderate your comments, blogger has an useful option for that. Go on "Settings", and then go to "Post and Comments"; you can choose the "Registered User" option.

That may work :D

Clyde said...


Really they weren't spam as in selling anything, they were mostly foreign language inane ramblings--but over 200 on one post---feel like I'm being invaded and I'm not all that interesting----although at the time, I did go out of my way to tell a couple of "Svengalis" to piss off from young female bloggers

Clyde said...


Thank you but I dont think that rids me of posting wankers.
I dont mind anyone comming here and having a joust with me and my ideas, but I fail to understand that someone or some system posts so many comments on posts that I normally would not re-read

Scarlet Blue said...

Good lord... it's a bit dark in here!
Blogger seems to put my spam in a folder somewhere now.
Make friends with Mr Word-Verification Code - he's helpful.