Thursday, 13 January 2011


It is hard to smile at anything in this flood disaster but late today there is something to smile about.

A news report just showed a real Queensland Horseman and a couple of his mates, in a small aluminium boat, roping and lashing horses to the boat and getting them to high ground.

The best news was that he got the three horses that earlier reports had shown, standing on a second floor deck with their heads on the roof of the house.

Of course with fast flowing water, these horses have suffered substantial injuries, but enter a veterinary team who had heard about these rescue guys and the horses have feed and care.

Another wonderful story of a guy who nearly drowned getting his wife and children up on the roof of their house---but he didn't forget his dogs and went back for them---got all four of them on the roof including what was described as "the big fat old dog"

As the water level recedes in some towns, people are going back to see if there is anything left of their homes----and there it was---good Aussie humour in the face of adversity----someone put a sign on a fence---"Missing---three goldfish. Last seen swimming in their bowl two days ago"

You can take our homes, but you'll never take our sense of humour


♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

i was in Bangkok when i saw the news of the flood. Just terrible. Some of my family friends there were also worried because they were in Brisbane and it was heading towards them...they said food was getting bought off way too fast and stores werent being stocked up fast enough...

its good to read you again Clyde!!!

Clyde said...

Lyrical lady

You can understand people trying to stock up for the unknown.
Hopefully there will be plenty for all

Good to see you again

Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh I am so glad those horses were rescued!!! That makes me smile. :-)

Humans are nothing if not resilient. And humour always seems to find its way to the surface in any kind of tragedy.

Did those people find their fishies!?!? ;-)

Scarlet Blue said...

I'm pleased and happy to be amazed that these animals were rescued!
Thank you for the update.

savannah said...

i like good news, sugar! xox

Macy said...

Yay! Good News! Me, myself, I'm not sure the dog would be taken up to the roof AFTER the family...

phishez said...

My best mate lives in t'ba. I was the first one she rang after her family. She was hysterical. She knew her boy was safe, but no idea about her home or her cat.

That was her big concern. The cat. She's my mate for a reason.

The cat was ok.


How are you and your animals coping Clyde?

fingers said...

I don't know where these people find the strength to keep going at times ?? I guess there's no alternative though.
Then I watched a whole street full of shattered neighbours go about the clean-up process. Instead of each doing their own place alone, which would be a painstaking, agonizingly slow exercise, they all pitched in and did one house at a time, then moved to the next one.
I'd just ordered a bunch of furniture for my weekender a few days earlier but I was so touched by this scene I rang and cancelled the order and sent the $$$ to Red Cross.
I can sit on my floor for a while...

Clyde said...


The floods were the news, but the cleanup will take forever---and you are right, it is wonderful to see the neighbours working together and some cleaning guy on his way to a paid job, called in to a house and gave his time and machinery for nothing.
Geez mate, dont let everyone know that you have a heart---I'd send you my new lounge but it got cancelled---at least I have a dry beanbag

JennAventures said...

Oh, he went back for the dog? Thats awesome. One of my more traumatic memories of my youth was when my mom sent me back into a burning house to fetch the dog. Sigh. All survived! But it is fun to torment my mother about now.

Clyde said...


You are now my hero---Oh, I couldn't leave my dog--no matter what