Thursday, 13 January 2011


Australians are renowned for their laid back attitude to life.

Nothing is really too much to do for your mates if they need it----nothing is too much for your country because you should do it.

We live in a country that is regularly beaten down by tragedies that mother nature throws at us, but we just keep coming back for more.

If our neighbours have been ravaged by rain or wind or fire, we just pack up and go and help til they are back on their feet.

We rubbish each other across state boundaries that we are the biggest and the best and there is pure hatred when it comes to sport but when it comes to real life, we are one and there is no boundaries to help our mates.

The fires of a couple of years back seemed devastating and they were----but fire fighters, fully trained and volunteer gathered to stop them as best they could---they crossed state boundaries like they didn't exist---we were one nation---all mates---and we do that.

But now we cant stop it----it's water---it's an inland tsunami----the rains have saturated the land and the water is flowing into creeks and rivers---and the creeks and rivers are emptying into major rivers and it is a rush of water like we have never seen----how do you fight water ?
Towns are in the way of this wave and are disappearing at too greater rate---the roofs are all that can be seen above the water----to comprehend the area, it is bigger than the whole of the British Isles.
The rain has stopped but the water keeps coming, flowing to the sea---and in the way is the 3rd biggest city in the country---it sits on the banks of a tidal river---so twice tomorrow mother nature will deal them a bad hand---with the phases of the moon, Brisbane will have two king tides at 4am and 4pm----so the sea will be trying to push this tsunami back, so where will the water go---right though Brisbane.

We know all of this
We can prepare
Some towns knew the water was coming and evacuated people
All towns now know how bad it is
We understand----
We will deal with it
We are Australia

But today I say news footage of three horses with their heads resting on the roof of a submerged house-----obviously, they were standing on the second floor deck of the house---but where were they to go, what did they understand, what would happen to them, did they know to stay there.
And then there was footage of another horse swimming---people in a boat tried to rope him---I don't know what they were going to do with him---but he panicked and went under and didn't surface again.
We may understand---we may stay on that deck----we would let people pull us into a boat or lead us to safety.

My tears are for the loss of human life---for those who have lost everything---but I cant help thinking of those who don't understand.

My prayers are with the animals----all they know is fear----they don't understand

I phoned a friend today---she said "Oh, we are ok. We've got the dogs up at the house and the caged birds are up high enough-----but the cow got washed away"----she is realistic but I cry for the cow.---she didn't understand.


Scarlet Blue said...

Oh Clyde, this is exactly how I feel when I see disasters on television.
I sobbed my heart out when I saw the pelicans smothered in BP oil last year.
Keep safe.

savannah said...

i understand and it breaks my heart. stay safe, sugar. xoxox

Macy said...

Clyde - We're seeing unbelievable pictures of Brisbane and surrounds right now. I hope all you and yours are safe.

Ute said...

You're not the only one who feels this way Clyde.

The animals have no comprehension... it's just sickening to see these poor defenseless animals trying to escape the floods. I try not to watch...but it's just complete saturation coverage on every station, and sometimes you don't have a choice.

I just saw a small herd of cattle that are on a shrinking island of land... sadly, they will probably be dead soon.

It's mind boggling. The loss of life. I have no words. Just sadness.

Venom said...

As a kindred spirit, you know how this makes me feel Clyde - helpless and infuriated and deeply, deeply sorrowful.

Was there not enough warning of the impending disaster, or just no effort to evacuate animals, or was there nowhere to take them?

Dammit, I'm going to go through a whole box of tissues over the thought of those poor horses on the deck. Were they mine, and I could do nothing to save them, I would insist that someone shoot them dead so that they not suffer.
God help them, God help the animals great & small.
And all of you.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh Clyde! How heart wrenching!!! You feel so damned helpless, don't you, watching animals in natural disasters on the news... knowing they haven't a clue what's happening and often there is no way to save them. Absolutely tragic. I hope you are high and dry, my friend.

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

My heart goes out to the people but they can understand.
I cant comprehend the terror in the hearts of those animals.

Clyde said...


I am at the other end of the country, so I am safe---but frustrated by not being able to do more

Clyde said...


Unbelievable is the word but it is happening.

Clyde said...


I dont want to watch but it is transfixing---at least there has been some good news today

Clyde said...


There was warnings but no one could predict that the torents of water in rivers and creeks could join and make a giant inland wave

Clyde said...


I am a long way from it but it is in my heart---
I cry when I see the animals so confused and fearful

♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

i cant watch stuff like that...esp when animals die.. it gives me nightmares.. just cannot watch it.

Clyde said...

Lyrical lady

I dont want to watch it but it's there

Danielle said...

I admit that I am one of those people that cry when I see an animal dieing in a movie and not as much for the people. In real life I grieve for both. Animals are like children to me. They count on us to keep them alive.
My thoughts are with all of you.

Clyde said...


Any one who doesn't cry for the animals doesnt have a heart.

It looks like it is easing but the clean up will take months, the rebuilding, years.
And of course the insurance companies will deny claims

phishez said...

The true reality is so much worse. I used to live up there. In toowoomba. In that area that got smashed. Some of those stories are enough to break your heart.

I have been in shock for several days. I'm still hearing stories and seeing pictures. So many animal pics with 'fate unkown'. So many people who want to help, but are not able to. And so many more putting themselves at risk because they feel the need to help others.

I want to cry. I would be better off if I did. But I cannot.

Clyde said...


The coverage amazed me that they said nothing about the animals til that guy started rescuing horses.

I would hate to think of the animal death toll