Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Really, I never thought that I would still be here any more than 12 months. I only started writing here to meet girls----ha ha ha, and that hasn't worked Actually I realised that I had an opinion on a lot of subjects, so I thought that I would just let it out. But I never thought that I would go back and copy and paste and post until now. And the only reason that I am, is that I now have additional information. It seems as though publishing this information without re-posting the first bit, would only leave the reader with half the story----and I have never been one to leave you with half the information It might be important to your life. So ok, here is the cut and paste Now a bit of information for the ladies. Google Lecithin You will find claims that it assists in the --- Relief of Arthritis Fat Metabolism Fat Transportation in the body Improvement of memory And maintaining the health of hair and skin. What you need to know now is that semen is more than 80% Lecethin Ok, now you have that bit of potentially life changing info---here is the new bit.

If they keep testing this stuff, I'm sure it will be the worlds first cure-all. Warning : Before taking this product, please check with your doctor, or at least wear a condon


mapstew said...

T.M.I. Clyde.

(Now if you could prove it RESTORED hair.....) :¬)

Just telling it like it is said...

No wonder why people like to rub it on their face and open there mouth wide for the money shot...and here I thought I could go a whole life time without sopping up semen in my mouth or rubbing into my skin...Did you know that sex 200 plus keeps you living longer...but only if it is with the same monogomous relationship...Nurse's honor I swear I swear..Missed ya!

Unknown said...

"Clude" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. No AIDS or HIV for me.