Monday, 2 April 2012


I have long been aware of the influence wielded by all forms of media in so many arenas of debate.
There is little doubt about the power of the press when it comes to the political arena but most of their power is attained by the ignorance of their audience.
Now I'm not throwing stones here but far too many people are prepared to accept the written or broadcast word as accurate, educated and truthful.----maybe that is because it is easier to accept these stories than do your own research.
Of course it is not hard to recognise the internet as the greatest source of information but must it also be said to be the greatest source of misinformation---crap---lies.

But a lot of power is wieled by large organisations who chose to desiminate their own versions of the truth through their own opinionated channels---no more powerful, organised and opinionated than the large religious orders.

Currently the debate on same sex marriages is a very live issue in the federal parliament of Australia.
Luckily the party holding power at the moment has said that they will not have a unified party policy and that all of their members will have a conscience vote---they can make up their own mind.
Unfortunately the political opposition party has said that their members will follow the party line and they will vote against any legislation to allow the lawful union of any loving same sex couples.
But I am sure that when this debate gets to the floor of the parliament that some opposition members will see the humanity in this argument and cross the floor to vote with the government but convesely there will be government members who in all good conscience, cannot vote fo the legislation.
Logically this will lead to a very close vote and that is how it should be---oh, except for the constraints placed on the entire opposition party.

But enter the arrogance of the external powers.

The Catholic Church has started a national campaign to convince its millions of parishioners to speak out against gay marriage. There are more than five million Catholics in Australia and the hierachy is not just preaching their spitefully arrogant rhetoric from the pulpit but are sending out hundreds of thousands of letters asking parishioners to take a stand against this abomination.
Their stance revolves around the sexual difference between men and women and the "potential for new life". and the letter says "Without this there would be no human beings and no future."

How ill informed and ignorant is this stance.
The legislation before parliament is to allow same sex marriage, not to make it compulsary.
Even if ten marriages in one hundred are same sex, there is no guarantee that the other ninety will be producing any offspring or even want to.
And the percentage of same sex partneships who are producing children or adopting children into a loving environment seem to dispell any fears of the human race disappearing.
And on percentages, how many of these same sex couples are Catholic.
Is the Catholic Church only against gay Catholics having a legally recognised union.
Or does the Catholic Church think that there are no gays in their congregations---even denying the existance of the bum fucking priests who are spreading their word.
How does a religion that does not allow their officials to marry and have a fulfilling hetrosexual relationship have any credence with their opinions on relationships.

I have written before of my disgust with the spreading scaremongering leveled at the Muslim faith by so many uninformed venues or venues with an opposing or scurrilous agenda.-----maybe we should be looking at the Catholic Church.
No wonder the congregations of some of the newly formed religions are littered with many who were raised under the oppression of catholicism.

So much has been written about the spread of other faiths and the dangers of them gaining a foothold in our communities. Maybe the community needs to look at the edicts of the established faiths---how dangerous are they.
Maybe they should stick to preaching religion and peace and goodwill.

Maybe this is something we should all have a conscience vote on---but vote with your heart.


Macy said...

You know I'm going to be in a inority here, but I don't mind the catholics and Scottish Free Churches objecting to gay marriage.
Hear me out...
Gay couples can have a civil ceremony - which will give their partner the same pension and inheritance rights.
The whole point of religion is that it is irrational. It's a set of made up beliefs - but you have to let the people holding those beliefs believe them.
We don't need catholics to change, just gays to form a new (and better) a gay church

Clyde said...


You are not in the minority.
I dont suggest that the Catholic Church should back down on not allowing gays to marry in their churches---thats fine---but why try to get their parishoners to lobby against a legislation that will make a gay union legal----
If the legislation passes, I can see other religions refusing to allow gay marriages in their churches.
In Australia, gay couples cannot have any legally recognised ceremony---shame on us----but shame on a church to lobby against a freedom

Anonymous said...

To me I dont really worry to much about the opinions of people who believe in any type of imaginary sky fairy, all churches like to exert power and influence of the thoughts and actions of their believers, if anyone falls into that category good luck to them.
Gay marriage, who cares if two people love and care for each other what is the problem with sealing this with a ritual that effects no one else but themselves.
Listen to this podcast by Peter Hitchings(son of christopher) sums it up better than anyone I have ever heard. The whole podcast is very good and at about the 10.20 mark to go is where he discusses the gay marriage issue.

Clyde said...


I am almost afraid of any gathering of like minded people that is generated by religion---especially when the religion preaches a bias against anything other than common decency

justsoyouknow said...

Seems that they are not best buds as both are deadly combination.

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