Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well here it is, New Years Eve and I'm alone again.

Not really alone, rather I chose to be at home with my dog.
There is always fireworks on New Years Eve and dogs just dont like them.

But I have this strange dog who will sit on my feet and quiver during thunder or fireworks but if I take her outside where she can see the lightening or the sky lit by fireworks, she is quite content.

So we have a bottle of champagne, one glass and a dogs lead at the ready and we will be off to the beach to see the new year in.

Maybe it will be a lucky night
A couple of years ago half my champagne was consumed by teenage skinny dipping girls, running from the water to drink.
My dog didnt mind---she went swimming with them---and of course, I didn't object to the sight of naked young girls.

I doubt that will ever happen again, but I can dream.

Happy New Year to you all----I wish you all well and hope that this next year will bring you health, joy, contentment, and love.
If you wanted wealth, good luck with that---somehow, I think we have to work for it.

If you have love, you are wealthy beyond all dreams

See you on the other side

Party like there is no tomorrow---it will get here---see you on the other side


savannah said...

Happy New Year, sugarplum! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm clyde your dog looks like ours in the way that it doesnt look like it lacks for nourishment. Have a great new year and keep up the writing i really enjoy it. Regards TonyB

mapstew said...

Have a glass for me pal, as usual I am working on NYE, and though not alone, I am away from my family. Then again, it's just another day isn't it?

Anyway, a happy new year to you my friend. :¬)

Macy said...

Happy new year Clyde - see you're not alone!