Thursday, 26 May 2011


I must admit to having a fairly liberal view on what we should be able to say or see or do.
But having said that, I most certainly believe in censorship and the protection of children, animals and any adult of a diminished capacity.

I do believe in the freedoms---the freedom of the press, the freedom of religious expression and the equality of genders and races.

Australia has a fairly liberal standard of what can be shown or said in the electronic media (that's TV and Radio)---often only cersored by the time of the broadcast or telecast.
I believe that our standards are shared and accepted by most western nations although some may be a little more liberal.

Of course I will never believe that pornography should be available in any form that minors can access.

But tonight, I heard something on a local TV show and checked it out on line, that actually disturbed me.
It was not something that I thought could or would happen in a country with so much freedom and the rights to so much freedom entrenched in their laws.

In 2004 there was a live telecast of the Superbowl that stopped the nation in the USA and Canada---yes the Canadians love the game, or at least this season ending big game.
Sponsors pay millions of dollars to advertise duing the Superbowl and of course there is alway high class entertainment.
In 2004, part of the entertainment was Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson and you would have to be living under a rock, not to remember that there was a "costume malfunction" and one of Ms Jackson's ample breasts was shown to the world------look, go and search the net and you will find every other bit of Janet Jackson available for your viewing pleasure----but this was just a slip or a pre-planned slip, lasting a matter of seconds---blink and you missed it.
But this was on live television throughout the USA and Canada---so the broadcasting authorities in the USA received in excess of 540,000 complaints------yes, count the zeros---over half a million people in the US took time to register a complaint.
But that is only the US----there was another 50 people in Canada complained to the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council----yes, that's right 50 and 49 of those were probably border hoppers on holiday from the US.

I have nothing left to say, but I have to wonder how many complaints there may have been if Justin had dropped his pants or if Janet had groped him.
I'm thinking that there is 540,000 phones on speed dial in the bible belt of the US just incase some girl in a blue dress gets her job back at the Whitehouse.

Get a life


Miss Scarlet said...

You would love it over here at the moment with our farcical super-injunctions. The press have not been able to print what everyone can read on Twitter.... this is slightly off-topic isn't it?


EXactly. It was almost mass hysteria,yet look at what goes on on the net?

I accidently stumbled upon a utube of a kitten being cooked alive in a microwave. That image[although I clicked off in seconds] still haunts me!

In relation to things- who cares about Janet Jackson's nipple?

savannah said...

amen, brother. xoxo

Clyde said...

Miss Scarlet

I think it is much the same here--the press not being able to print anything subject to court supression orders but every social media site splashing the details around.-----I suppose it is another topic but it is censorship of a type

Clyde said...


Obviously there was great interest in Ms Jackson's nipple---loved that it was even called the Nipplegate Affair----but then you jump on line to see what they were complaining about and there is Janet, pants down and tits out---but I guess the 540,000 didn't go searching---ha ha ha, not that they would tell

Clyde said...


There does seem to be some sort of double standard in the US---and really 540,000 is not a large percentage of the population

JennAventures said...

Well isn't this timely

Clyde said...


Yep, I kinda thought the same when I read your post

Gabriella - The Stepford Wife said...

Talk about having double standards. But really, who could ever forget the Justin/Janet thing. My my, now if only a quarter of those complaints were for a better protest.

Clyde said...


It was one of those things that could have been an accident or could have been staged, but really who cares--
But, yes, if 540,000 people put some effort into something worthwhile, they may make some impact

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi Honey. I'm actually very surprised. I thought the bible belt would have more representation. The number seemed a tad low. But hey it is Super Bowl Sunday...and they should be in church. :)

Have a fab weekend clyde baby.

Macy said...

Just bible thumpers spend enough $$ that advertisers would care anyways?
Just wondering..

Clyde said...

Miss Jones

It was probably one of those things where most of them didn't see it but someone told them about it----so they complained---probably recorded it and watched it 10 times and showed it to their friends

Clyde said...


I am sure that is right---and in the end, if they complained, they knew that they were watching

Memphis Steve said...

If Janet had groped his genitals there would have been complaints that it was indecent. But if she had grabbed his balls and crushed them in her hand, sexually assaulting and traumatizing him, there would have been not a single complaint at all, because in America, sexual violence of that specific nature is the only thing not censored on any level. And which do you suppose is more harmful for children to watch on a regular basis? No one in America ever thinks about this, apparently. That's why its in all our children's movies.

Clyde said...


Interesting idea----
But I am sure that if Janet in any way touched his man bits, there would have been a bigger outcry---personally, I would have applauded