Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Hollywood can keep on producing all of the films that they like but but they will never come up with anything that will beat this.

I don't know why---I haven't seen it for years

For all of these years it has never been so entertaining

But then I played it backwards----Oh, how wonderful it is
Nothing could give me so much joy.

Oh, it's my wedding video

Play it backwards and my ex takes off her ring, goes back down the aisle, climbs in the car and fucks off.

Great ending


Jimmy Bastard said...

Every cloud has a silver lining. Just think of all the lovelies you get to play with as long as you're single.

Beer, birds, burgers.. all in abundance. Every single mans dream.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hmmm... single, eh? Too bad you live for freakin' far away! ;-)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde: sweetie, you need a good woman to take care of you. To make you delish meals (I'm a fab cook) and take care of the household.
A woman that will greet you at the door and give you the best kisses. One that will later on unzip your pants as yousit in your recliner and make all of your worries go who will then lift her skirt and straddle you and rock on away till you see stars.

Hello...hello...wake up from that dream. :D

You live too far away handsome. but now that I think about it...I need that tooooooooo!

ciao sweetie.
ps...come read my interview with Rachel Green the author.

mapstew said...

At least you got to keep the video!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

clyde sweetie...come read my interview with British author Rachel Green.

later sweetie. Ciao.

Clyde said...


I love a little variety
A beer or two and a BBQ
A wine or two and great Aussie seafood
A dram or two and a fine cigar.
And ladies---I love them all


Yep, single and it is not the best life
Well, sometimes it is but I do like to share my life

Clyde said...

Ah Miss Jones
A woman I can cook for
Walk hand in hand on the beach
Feel the comfort and delight of watching her sleep
Look into her eyes as she rocks away
Ok, your air ticket is on the way


Yep, got the video
AND a whole lot of Tupperware
Just wish she hadn't taken my dog

Anonymous said...

Sweet Clyde...I wish you full happiness with one perfect woman...

And if you can't find it with one woman...steal many moments with more than one.

And I loved the 4 hours we Tiger!


Clyde said...


My God, you are an animal

Ponita in Real Life said...

Clyde, I share the single status too... and no, it ain't all it's cracked up to be. I too would like to share my time with someone special.

But c'est la vie... someday, hopefully, that someone will come along, for both of us. :-)

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

my wedding video could be a comedy routine. good stuff there. fuck weddings, marriage and commitment. i just wanna have fun before i die not sign my soul away to another.

Clyde said...

Sweetheart, it is not your sould that we are after

Scarlet-Blue said...

This could be the way forward for divorces. Instead of a costly solicitor, just throw a huge party and run the video backwards. Over.

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

well then what exactly is it they are after? or wait....dont tell me. it is my millions isnt it?

Clyde said...


Great idea
Now how are we gonna market it ?
And who gets the dog ?


Of course it is your soul---
Who would want your body--
Oh, you can cook cant you ?
Oh and you do washing ?


LMFAO Great ending.


Getting kinda lazy there, Clyde. :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Clyde baby...Um...hello ((hello))) (hellooo)

Um, nobody home.

Well, since I have the stage to myself. I'd like to start off with a joke.

This drunk husband walks up the sidewalk leading him to his front door. He has a duck under his arm. His wife is standing at the doorway looking quite angry...her hair in rollers and a rolling pin in her hand.

The drunk husband says..."See this pig I've been fucking?"

The angry wife says. "That is a duck, not a pig."

The husband hick-upped and says..."I was talking to the duck."


Oh...this is a hard room to work. But hey...if you want more,, I'll be at the Aculpco Room all week.

Band plays exit music

Spiky dances away......ciao sweetie.

mapstew said...

Maybe he met Bonny?

EmmaK said...

ha ha
I'm gonna try this with the video I have of giving birth. should be good for a laugh!

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

clyde where ya at?

come back and play with me please

Scarlet-Blue said...

Yep, where've you gone Clyde? Hope it's all good.

Clyde said...

Ah come on
At least I didnt have a retirement
Well not yet

Hello Miss Jones
I'm home
Just been off celebrating another birthday


No Bonny wasn't there, but if you see her, send her around


Geez, I want to see that
So when are you putting it on line
Ah, come on


I've just been hanging around waiting for my prize---hasn't arrived yet

Miss Scarlet

I've just been dreaming about you
It's a bit hard to type in that condition